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A Day at the Zoo

A place to talk animal shop. A drama free zone where animals are the main subject but general chat is welcome too.
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PostSubject: Read Me First   Read Me First Empty3/23/2009, 10:35 pm

Welcome to A Day at the Zoo a friendly place to chat about animals and whatever else might strike your fancy. Here at the Zoo we encourage animal topics of all sorts and just general conversation. We do have rules and guidlines beyond those stated during the registration process.

First and foremost we are a family friendly place. Please keep your language and content clean. Mildly adult content is allowed but please keep it to a minimum. Anything that is considered inappropriate will be deleted immediately.

Internet "stalking" will NOT be tolerated under any circumstances. I.E. following a poster from post to post or forum to forum to berate,insult, badger or otherwise harrass them. PM is included in this. Any member breaking these rules will be immediately banned. It is at the Admin and moderators discretion to decide when an infraction has occured. If you suspect or observe this behavior please report it to the Admin or moderators.

Opinions are welcome here, just remember to share yours in a respectful manner. In essence if you have a difference of opinion agree to disagree. Posting wars will cause the topic to be locked.

Avatars are allowed so long as they follow the guidlines of being family friendly and the size is limited. If you are having difficulty uploading a pic for an avatar or the Gallery please contact Admin or one of the mods. Signatures are also welcome under the same guidlines. We do ask that you try to keep any pictures or graphics relatively small to allow the forum and page loading to run smoother.

We have a prayer forum if this offends you, do not visit it. The prayer forum will remain only as long as it does not cause problems.

At the bottom of the main page is a button for contributions. Donations are happily accepted and are used ONLY for site maintenance i.e. keeping the site user friendly, enlarging the gallery etc. If you donate you are buying CREDITS to use for the site. This money does NOT go into any "personal use" account.

Please realize that this site is new and those of us managing it are new at doing so. There will be mistakes, things will go wrong. Post will get accidently deleted etc. So if you notice abrupt changes, missing posts lost pictures or can't log in don't panic it just most likely means we're in process of the learning curve lol.

By posting in any of our forums you verify that you have read and agree to the rules.

Enjoy your Day at the Zoo and Welcome.
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Read Me First
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