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A Day at the Zoo

A place to talk animal shop. A drama free zone where animals are the main subject but general chat is welcome too.
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 did you know

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Pepe's Mom

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PostSubject: did you know   4/13/2009, 9:44 pm

that Chihuahua are supost to be desinded from desert foxes and that they loose most of there heat threw there ears. What are some cool facts about you pets that you think we would find intresting
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PostSubject: Re: did you know   10/23/2009, 12:20 am

well my lil man has the stinky phewwwwwie farts thats an interesting fact lafffffz, actually bostons have bad gas all ofem and its better if you feed dogs who have gas off the floor if they eat bending down they gasp more air in and that can cause gas. Thats just one lil thing i learned lol
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did you know
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